TOKYO: Authors Ray Fisher and Dave Koco announce that their second novel, Lucky the Orphan, is now available online for preorder ahead of its international release.

Having sustained spinal cord and traumatic brain injury after falling out of a helicopter during armed combat, a bedridden, attention deficit, punch-drunk, and always cynical “Lucky” drafts his unofficial, Memoirs of a Bastard, from a Marine Hospital in his now compromised cognitive state.

At a New Jersey orphanage in the late 80s, where the fantasy of being the next Oliver Twist or Orphan Annie yields to the harsher reality of deadbeat fathers, social alienation, and abuse, 12-year-old Lucky’s only hope to win the respect of his peers is through competing in barbaric youth-run wrestling tournaments, and keeping his promise of obtaining a Nintendo Entertainment System.

Lucky the Orphan is the second novel by Ray Fisher and Dave Koco.

“We want to write all styles from dark to light and everything in between,” says Koco. “I want to write so many stories that for every time I meet a reader, I will have a story for them.”

“This book is a slight departure from our last one. What Dave has conjured in this story is what Lord of the Flies would have been if it took place in the inner city and was a comedy,” says Fisher. “It was a pleasure to work with him.”

The book is available on Amazon for preorder on Kindle. Readers can also find more of Fisher and Koco’s work there as well and receive updates about upcoming projects.

About Ray Fisher: Ray Fisher is from Northeastern Pennsylvania. He studied music in California and currently resides in Tokyo.

About Dave Koco: Dave Koco, originally from the United States, was in the Marine Corps Infantry for four years. He now lives and works in Tokyo. He works as a teacher and is a father of three amazing children.