So, the city of Kawasaki is like the twilight zone of the Greater Tokyo (aka Kanto) area.

If you go 1 station East using the JR line you’ll be in Yokohama, and if you go 1 stop the other direction, you’ll find yourself in Tokyo.

The location is unique in itself, but does that make this place a less city than Yokohama or Tokyo?


The answer to that question totally depends on how you see, but I must say there are irresistible characteristics that people fall in love with.


A little away from the Drunken Street (“Nakamise Doori”), across the road 140, there you’ll see a tall and shady building that welcomes you with a heavy gate.

Just step right in and enter, because the door is automatic, and once inside you’ll find yourself lost in post-WW2 Manchuria, or in some area of the red light district of Kowloon city.

No wonder this place is off limits to people under 18…which they never check you for your ID unless you make a membership card.


If you’re pumped up at this point going “Where the bitches at?!,” go back to the Drunken Street and hop into a girls bar, because this building is all about the brothel-like laid back atmosphere that is completely platonic! …..if that makes sense.


If you pay close attention to the ancient-looking flyers hat are pasted, you’ll notice they offer cures for STDs such as syphilis.

It makes sense since Dr. Mario was not around at that time so they were serious ailments way back.


I always like to say hi to my ex girlfriend who resides in this area, just lying in her bed….from STD diseases?? I never asked her.

This is what she looks like.

This place would be 1,000 times creepier if a day comes when she’s not there.
The first floor is all about décor and parking space, so let’s go up.


If you’re a retro gamer that spent most of your day in the arcades lining up quarters, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the collection they have on the second floor.

Pac-Man, Gallag, Mr. Gu, Street Fighter 2, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution…for those of you suck enough not to know) and rows and rows of claw machines await you here.

You have the Peking ducks hanging upside down with the red neon glaring above, so this is a totally new experience to play nostalgic games in a slum environment. How cool is that?

The third floor mainly has medal games (think of casinos, only you don’t get any money on any medal you won), which you WISH you can convert to money, but Japan has a funny law that you can’t.

I always wonder why silver pachinko balls are worth actual money and coins and medals are worthless here?


Anyways, unless you’re into “Monster Hunter Medal Compact,” “Star Horse 3 (did something go wrong with Star Fox?),” “Sega Network Casino” and a lot more, you might want to bypass this entire floor.

At least that’s what I do every time.


The main highlight of this building and the floor you’ll likely to spend the most time on is the fourth.

This is the place.

Here you’ll find darts, pool tables and table tennis (ping-pong) as far as the eye can see.

Check-in at the counter right in front of the elevators, since you need to borrow game equipment.


You can pull the “Oh, I’m a tourist, this is my first time here” card as much as you like until the staff etches your face into their brain, but it’s easier to sign up for a member card.


The sign-up forms are in Japanese, and you’d need to have someone who can write your name in the language with you (amp up your game, arcade!), but once you purchase the membership card for 324 yen, it’ll be good for a whole year.

The prices to use these amusements are as follows:



1 credit (one game) : 100 yen per player

All you can throw (3 hours / weekdays) : 1,200 yen

               (2 hours / weekends) : 1,200 yen


Pool tables

30 minutes: 300 yen (per player)

3 hours: 1,200 yen (per player)


Table Tennis

30 minutes: 500 yen (per table)


For the table tennis, you get 2 penholders and 2 handshake rackets each.


Finally, here comes the most awesome thing this place has to offer.

Remember back in the good old days when Coca Colas were served in glass bottles?

…..Yeah, me neither, but on this darts and pool floor, you can get them for only 100 yen.


2 vending machines only for glass bottled beverages are on this floor, and people love them so much they’re gone if you’re unlucky.


They mainly have…..

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Zero

Ginger Ale

Fanta Grape flavor


The staffs constantly check for stocks, so you won’t miss out unless you’re REALLY out of luck.


There’s a bottle opener attached to the vending machine, so treat yourself to some old-fashioned deliciousness!

Seriously, if you’re used to drinking Coke from cans or recyclable plastic bottles, you’ll notice it actually tastes different!


This floor also serves alcoholic beverages, so you’re free to get totally wasted and throw darts at each other.

The only drawback this arcade has is that you cannot bring in your own alcohol; you must purchase your favorite drinks overpriced within the building.


Some alcohols include….




Premium Moltz

Skyy Blue


Guess what the price for all these are….a whopping 600 yen per bottle!


So the clever way is to buy the exact same drinks before you enter the arcade, sneaking them in with your bags, thug style! ….or just like normal people, I should say.

You can buy Smirnoff and Coronas at a liquor store for less than half the price, so why not spend your money on darts, games, and bottled Coca Colas, right?


So come prepared and enjoy wheat this place has in store for you.

Oh, and there’s also an internet café on the fifth floor which nobody cares or goes.


Amusement Park Warehouse Kawasaki

Address: 3-7 Nisshin-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Pref.

Zip: 210-0024

Telephone: 044-236-2360 (3rd and 4th floor)

          044-589-9651 (internet café)