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Buy Our Book: Operation Freakshow By Ray Fisher & Dave Koco –

In this debut novel, a self-righteous team of vigilantes don luchador masks and bring their own swift brand of violent justice to anyone who would dare harm a child. Their actions however are quickly misinterpreted by the media and attention-starved online followers… and what was originally meant to halt the cycle of violence, only perpetuates it.


“Authors Ray Fisher and Dave Koco write in a style that not only leaves you with the most haunting images in your mind, but leaves you wide awake at night with one single thought: ‘What could they possibly do next?’” —David Tees, online reporter and reviewer

“Operation Freakshow is an insanely fun bumpy tale that left me wanting to learn more about these overly raw yet compelling characters in this startling universe.” —Jeff Yager, entrepreneur and author, ATOM & EVE

About the authors

Dave Koco, originally from the United States, was in the Marine Corps Infantry. He now lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Ray Fisher is from Northeastern/Central Pennsylvania. He studied music in California and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan.