Author of Operation Freakshow & Lucky the Orphan, founder of Kocosports, lover of Marvel Comics, Tampa Bay Sports & Okada.  

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Dave Koco
Father, Teacher, Writer, Marine, Entrepreneur,
Old School Gamer, Sports Fan & Super Nerd.

“I am or have been a Father, Marine, Hand to Hand Combat & Infantry Instructor, Pro Wrestling Promoter & Booker, TV & Radio Producer/Personality, Sports Reporter, Teacher, Wannabe Writer, Internet Nerd, Old School Gamer and Combat Sports Fanatic. I created Kocosports, ACW, Tampa All Pro and many small companies around the world.

I’m a dreamer who got lost in his world travels and ended up in Japan. I want to tell stories for the rest of my life. While spending my free time Youtubing about the most important thing in life Pro Wrestling.” – Dave Koco

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Koco Writes – Dave Koco gives some writing tips, updates on future books, and answers questions.

Koco Sports – Dave Koco has started many buisnesses around the world but the one closes to his heart will always be his first… Koco Sports.

Koco Plays – Dave Koco is an old school gamer who started streaming sports games to remind of him when he was a sports reporter and have another connection with his son.

Koco Reviews – Dave Koco gives his opinions on books, comics, movies, tv shows, food and more. He is a mad man that will even review you if you let him.

Awkward in Japan – Is stories and cartoons about Dave Koco’s Awkward Adventures on Godzilla’s Island aka Japan.